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This site is your source for objective information about the mysteries of reincarnation, past life regression, and the hypnotherapy techniques you can use to discover the answer to a fascinating question: have you been here before?

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We constructed this site in response to the shortage of unbiased material about past life regression hypnotherapy available on the web today. We’ve done our best to compile a thorough general overview on reincarnation, hypnosis, and past life regression with links to lots of outside sources so that you can get a balanced idea of what past life regression is all about, and whether it’s something that you’d be interested in exploring further. If you’re excited enough about it, we’ve offered a series of four downloadable audio files that will guide you into a peaceful, hypnotic state, through which you’ll be able to access your subconscious mind and hopefully experience what many people believe are real memories from a past life. These audio files have been compiled using the best past life regression techniques we’ve discovered from hypno-therapists and past life gurus all over the world, and they took many months to produce, so they are not free. But compared to most other available products of their kind, they’re cheaper and (we believe) better than what’s out there, and they come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So please, take a look around, enjoy yourself, and contact us with any questions you have.
Intro To Hypnosis
Past Life 1
This session serves as an introduction to the hypnotic process, lasting approximately 25 minutes. The goal of this session is to make you feel comfortable receiving hypnotic suggestions in order to prepare you for the next three sessions, as well as to bring your mind and body into a deep state of peace and calm, in which you’ll receive positive suggestions of healing and rejuvenation. At the end of the session you are given the option of falling into a deep, peaceful sleep or waking up immediately, feeling very alert and very positive. This session does not attempt to facilitate past life regression, but is a great hypnosis primer, a powerful daily motivational tool and an excellent sleep aid
Past Life Regression Sessions
Past Life 2
This hour-long session offers a first glimpse into the process of past life regression. The first half of the hour is dedicated to bringing you into a very deep state of hypnosis so that you can create a strong rapport with your subconscious mind. The second half of the session takes you slowly back in time, first into memories from your childhood and eventually into a significant experience from one of your past lives. This session is recommended for those who are fairly new to hypnosis, and who need greater assistance achieving a sufficiently deep hypnotic state in order to make contact with their subconscious memories.
Past Life 2
This hour-long session, meant for subjects who have had some experience with self-hypnosis, spends less time with the hypnotic induction (the process of relaxing your body and mind into a state of hypnosis) and more time helping you to explore the memories of one of your potential past lives in great detail. Once in a deep hypnotic state, you will travel through a variety of significant experiences in one of these lives, from early childhood memories to various significant events that shaped the life of the person you may have been. The session ends with the final days of your previous life, and after attempting to elucidate the cause of your demise in a safe and gentle fashion, you are then given some time to reflect on the important lessons you learned from this previous life that have helped to shape your character today.
Past Life 2
This session borrows heavily from the work of Dr. Michael Newton. Nearly all successful past life regression hypnotherapy subjects report a sense of rising up and away from their bodies when they “die” in a previous life. This session attempts to provide a possible answer to the question of where it is you’re rising to. You will be regressed to one of your past lives, and after a short exploration of that life, you will progress to the memory of your death. The session does not end here, however; you will continue to follow your past-life memory as you rise away from your body and into your ‘life between lives.’ Here you will have the opportunity to learn profound things about your past, your future, your goals, your dreams, your loved ones, and the architecture of a ‘spirit world’ that can stretch the limits of imagination. This session requires very deep levels of relaxation and concentration, and is recommended for more advanced subjects.

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